Doha Corniche

West Bay View

Doha Corniche is a crescent shaped waterfront promenade that extends through the seven kilometers length of Doha, Bay.  It is one of the most attractive and most visited places in Doha, Qatar.  It runs parallel to the Corniche Street, a main roadway connecting the West Bay business district with the south of the city.

In the early morning, you can admire the wonderful view of sunrise and take a walk or  jog along the Doha’s landscaped seafront.  In the lazy afternoon, you can relax and see the most fascinating sunset in the city while sitting on the cool green lawns under the shades of palm trees.  A perfect spot to take a shot of Doha’s skyline.  Then at night, behold with the  most alluring reflection of shimmering city lights in the calm water of the sea.

There are also prominent landmarks located along the Corniche which includes the Museum of Islamic Art, the Emiri Diwan (the Emir’s Palace), the Doha Port and the pyramid shaped Sheraton Hotel.   

Overall, Corniche offers a superb view of Doha’s beautiful bay that definitely attracts a diverse crowd of tourist, joggers, walkers and photographers.


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