I am a Working Mom… again!

Time really flew very fast! It was almost four years now since 2008 when I left my Quantity Surveying career and decided to shift into sales of insurance industry.  It is now year 2012 and I am happy to be back in my professional career.  This time not in Makati but in the country mostly covered with desert sand, the State of Qatar.

At first, it would look to be more difficult here than being a working mom in the Philippines as we have no house help or maid here.  After office, I am still the one who would do the cooking, laundry and ironing of clothes.  My son is attending school in year 3, and  I also need to teach him with his school assignments.  It is great that western curriculum is not giving a bunch of homework to students for mommies to do.

It’s almost a month now since my first day in the office and so far everything works fine.   I don’t know why but time here seems to be more manageable than our former daily schedule back home.  Probably because in Metro Manila,  around three to four hours is usually been spent in road traffic to and from office everyday.  And I could already do a lot of things at home in three to four hours including checking updates of my facebook newsfeed. 🙂


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