The Pearl Qatar

The first time we tried to visit The Pearl in 2010, we were on a Mitsubishi L-200 4×4 (a pick up truck as they are called) and to our dismay, we were not allowed by the guard to enter the gate as pick up trucks are not allowed in this most glamorous address in Doha.

The Pearl is a Riviera-style man-made island developed in an exclusive environment in Doha,Qatar.  The name “The Pearl” was chosen because the island was located on one of Qatar’s previous major pearl diving sites. It is the first land in Qatar to be available for freehold ownership by foreign nationals.  

It has the world’s longest waterfront luxury retail walkway, a 3.5 kilometer marina-front pedestrian boardwalk “La Croisette”, which homes the international hospitality brands and high-end boutiques.

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Burj Qatar

Burj Qatar is a 232 meters high cylindrical complex office tower in West Bay and one of the skyscrapers in Doha. This 44-storey  building was designed by a French Architect Jean Nouvel.  Though it has a unique architectural design, it is very similar with Torre Agbar in Barcelona, Spain designed by the same architect.

Burj Qatar… tall, slim and nicely glittering in its silvery laced silhouette against the skyline of Doha.  The facade is composed of a double cladding, a moucharabieh aluminum on the exterior with a reflective glass on the interior layer.