I always love to take a photograph of the the sun either during sunrise or sunset. But from all of my recent sun shots, this sunrise photograph taken at Doha, Corniche last Friday morning of September 21, 2012 is so far the best. I know that it is still not a perfect shot compared to the works of professional photographers, but it doesn’t look bad anymore.

On that Friday morning, we went to Corniche to have a walk with some friends and do fishing.  It was just a very good timing that when I get off the car, I already notice that the sun is just about to rise and so I grab my camera and took this shot. 🙂


New Job at Doha


This was my work space in my first job as Quantity Surveyor at Doha, Qatar.  At first, I was a little nervous as I am not familiar with the cost of construction materials in Qatar.  But luckily, working first time in a foreign land has not been very difficult for me as 85% of staff in our Department was Filipino.

It was a really great surprise to me when I learned that senior Filipino employees here were already with the company for more than 25 years!  And not only them, there were also factory workers, not only Filipinos but also other nationalities such as Pakistanis and Indians that were also there for more than 20 years.  The company must be giving them a very good package of salary, benefits and bonuses that made them stay that long.

But, Industrial area became very far for my husband as my service driver, who drives from Hilal to my office in the Industrial area before going to their new office in the West Bay.  Though our office starts at 8am, I have to be at the office before 6:30am for him to reach his office at exactly 7am.  This tight schedule was very prone to road accidents during rush hours of traffic and with a lot of irresponsible drivers in Qatar,

Therefore, after only eight (8) months of working here, I decided to file a resignation and join with another company that is nearer to where we stay.