Direct Hire or Name Hire Procedure for OFWs

DEFINITION of Direct or Name Hire
Direct or Name hires are Filipino workers who are able to secure an overseas employment opportunity with an employer without the assistance or participation of any agency. They may have been directly contacted by a foreign employer by referral or have directly applied to their company. 

Although your future employer would take care of your requirements (plane ticket, work visa, etc.), you must still have certain documents processed at POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration).

POEA Address and Contact Details

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
632 722 1144 – 632 722 1155

The requirements are the following: passport, work visa or work permit, employment contract verified or authenticated by the Philippine embassy or Philippine consulate in the country of your destination. You are also required to undergo a medical examination by a DOH-accredited clinic or hospital and a pre-departure orientation seminar (PDOS).

Fees and Costs 

POEA Processing Fee – US$100 or its peso equivalent
OWWA membership fee – US$25 or its peso equivalent
OWWA Medicare – Php900.00

Required Documents 

You shall be issued an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), which serves as the OFW travel exit clearance at the airport and immigration counters. The OEC is also an exemption for OFWs from payment of travel tax and airport terminal fees. You shall likewise get a free OFW electron ID card or e-Card, which is your permanent identification card to facilitate your departure and access to services as OFW.


STEP 1 – Register at Window 6 (Skilled/Professional Workers)
– Register at Window 14 (Household Workers)
– Take your seat and wait to be called
STEP 2 – When called, proceed to the counter as instructed (either counter 6,7,8
for skilled/professional workers or counter 13-14 for household workers)
STEP 3 – Submit your complete sets of documents (Original and Photocopy). Refer to list of requirements.
STEP 4 – Your documents will be verified from the computer, evaluated and then
returned to you. The evaluator will give you instructions, PDOS and
medical referral. Please choose from the list of accredited medical clinics
for your medical examinations (Click the link of DOH accredited clinic above). Training Certificate from TESDA and
OWWA Certificate of Competency are required for household workers.
STEP 5 – Proceed to OWWA for PDOS schedule and/or proceed to the medical
clinic you have chosen for your medical examination.
STEP 6 – After your PDOS and medical examination, go to Window 9 (skilled and professional workers) and Window 12 (household workers). Submit the
evaluated documents with PDOS certificate and the FIT TO WORK
medical certificate, the NC II and the COC (Household workers) for final
approval and issuance of the Order of Payment.
STEP 7 – Go to window 8 releasing area for the release of your original documents with RFP NUMBER.
STEP 8 – Go to window I, Ground Floor for assessment of payment the go to Window J and pay. An E-Receipt will be issued to you.

1. Travel Tax Exemption
2. Free Airport/Terminal Fee
3. Reduced Travel tax for Dependents


1. Employment Contract signed by the Worker and Employer, duly verified by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)/Labor Attache or authenticated by the Philippine Embassy
2. Work permit/Visa/No Objection Certificate or Equivalent Document
3. Valid Passport
4. 2 x 2 size latest photograph (For Medical Referral)
5. For Family Driver, Personal Accident Insurance and Motor Vehicle
Insurance duly verified by POLO/Labor Attache (for Middle East bound workers only)
6. Request for exemption from the direct hiring policyissued by the POLO/Labor Attache, as applicable
7. TESDA NC II for HSW (Exemptions: Canada and Ex-overseas HSWS)
8. For Taiwan COC (From TESDA)
9. OWWA Certificate on Language and Culture Orientation (for Middle East, Hongkong, Taiwan, China and Israel)

1. Pre-depature Orientation Seminar (PDOS) Certificate
2. Medical Certificate from DOH-Aaccredited OFW Medical Clinics/Hospitals (See this link)
(Except for Canada, Australia and New Zealand)
* pls prepare original and photocopy


1. -Employment contract duly signed by the Employer and Worker
-For Female Low-skilled Workers, Employment Contract duly signed by the Employer and Worker verified by Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)
2. Valid Working Visa/Work Permit/No Objection Certificate (NOC) OR Visa Assurance  from the Employer or any equivalent entry document
3. Valid Passport
4. 2 x2 size latest photograph (For Medical Referral)

1. Pre-depature Orientation Seminar (PDOS) Certificate
2. Medical Certificate from DOH-Aaccredited OFW Medical Clinics/Hospitals (See this link)
(Except for Canada, Australia and New Zealand)
* pls prepare original and photocopy



14 thoughts on “Direct Hire or Name Hire Procedure for OFWs

  1. i am an ofw with work visa in uae.i was hired and already have visa for new zealand. i am currently in vacation in the philippines but will not return to uae instead i will go to new zealand. is there any problems with the BI in this situation?

  2. Clemens Medical Clinic
    Accredited by: DOH,POEA,TESDA,MARINA,DOLE, Malaysian Embassy and other delegation,
    ISO Certified Clinic
    Address: 1662 Leon Guinto St. Malate Manila
    Landmark: at the back of Philippine Christian University near LRT1 Pedro Gil Station
    Tel. No.: 331 51 94
    Cp. No. 09228580786 / 09175493009

  3. Sir i need help what to do and needed documents in applying direct hire in japan as driver. Iam.only a high school graduate but a japamese sacho wants to hire and employ me as his driver .i dont know what to do .pls help me thank you and God bless you

    • kailangan mo ng certificate of eligibility at ung employer mo ang pag process nun sa regional immigration sa japan pero dapat may form na ibigay sayo employer mo then send back mo sa knila at pag na grant ung COE mo ung ang gamitin mo para mag apply ng visa d2 sa pinas.. marami pang requirements at ung contract mo dapat verified ng polo sa embassy ng pilipinas sa tokyo, japan at ung ang hanapin sayo ng poea… at dapat alam din ng employer mo ung process dun at willing kang 2lungan sa pangangailangan mo…

  4. Hi i just want to ask po, is it ok kung di na ko dadaan pa ng poea para makaalis ng pinas to work in shanghai china as a computer technician? June 15 po kase ang start ko.i already have working visa po

  5. I am direct domestic helper, and i have already a visa.,and working permit in cayman island, i am new hired, and i want to go in poea procces my oec,.
    Do i need nc2? I have no nc2 but my working permit contact is running and i procces my oec so that they cannot cancel my permit,. what would i do i have no nc2…
    Please reply


  6. Hi po tanung kulangpo my visa na po ako at employment contract galing cayman island, i am domestic helper. New direct hired, at wala po akung NC2 paano po yan gusto kuna mag procces nang oec dahil po may contrata na po ako at dapat daw makaalis na ako with the day na binigay nila, anu po gagawin ko kailangan po bah talaga nang nc2?

  7. Good morning. Ano po ba ang sinasabing tesda certificate dito. I graduated diploma in baking, pastry and culinary arts from tesda accredited school in Manila and in my diploma there is ” nc2″. I am applying for name hire for BAHRAIN. Do I still have to acquire tesda certificate?

  8. Hi,

    “Direct or Name hires are Filipino workers who are able to secure an overseas employment opportunity with an employer without the assistance or participation of any agency. They may have been directly contacted by a foreign employer by referral or have directly applied to their company.”

    – May I ask or clarify something about how long it will take the PDOS for “NAME-HIRE SKILLED/PROFESSIONAL WORKERS”,

    – Which comes first, POEA procedures then PDOS?

    – Also, does this procedure help, ?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

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