Procedure for OEC application in Doha, Qatar

This OEC application procedure also applies for working ladies under husband/father/family visa sponsorship, with or without labor card/permit


  1. 2 copies of employment contract
  2. 2 copies of passport
  3. 2 copies of visa stamp or Qatar ID (pataka)
  4. 2 copies of Sponsor’s Qatar ID – applicable for Household Services Worker (HSW) only
  5. Original Passport
  6. at least 160 QR


1.  Original Passport

2.  If you have new passport just bring the old passport for reference of your OEC stamp.

3. The Payment is 9 QR if your OEC is still valid.

4. PAYMENT FOR Pag-ibig Fund membership/premium (minimum premium QAR10 for 1 month)

PROCEDURE (for new applicants):

STEP 1: Present your original passport in the Reception Table. The Reception lady will give you the required forms to fill up, list of requirements and will direct you with the rooms assignments and procedure.

STEP 2: Proceed to “Room 1” for Contract verification. Get you queue number and wait for your turn. Prepare the Items 1 to 3 (and Item 4 as applicable) from the list above.  You will have to pay QAR40 as Verification Fee of the Contract.

STEP 3: Proceed to Room at 2nd Floor for OWWA membership. They will give you a form to fill up and submit. Then, you have to pay QAR93 for OWWA Membership Fee.

STEP 4: You have to submit the filled-up form provided at the Reception table from Step 1 with your original passport for OEC application. The OEC Fee is QAR9 (you may want to bring an exact amount as sometimes they don’t give change for QR10).

STEP 5: (Proceed to Ground Floor – SSS/Pag-ibig Office) Fill up a Pag-ibig Membership Application/Verification Form. If you do not know your membership ID Number, they will check for your Pag-ibig Number online. Then, you will be required to pay a minimum one quarter (3 months premium (QR30).  You may opt to pay a higher premium amount if you want or pay  for a whole year premium (minimum of QAR120 for 12 months).

Note: OWWA Membership is valid for 2 years but OEC is valid only for 60 days.  Your travel date back to Doha must be within 60 days (counting start from the date of your OEC application) or check the validity date written on your OEC. 



8:30 AM to 12:00 NN

1:30 PM  to 4:00 PM 

(Ramadan Timings 8:00am to 2:00pm)

New Location of POLO/OWWA Office

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Application Procedure for Labor Card/Permit of Husband Sponsors

Labor card or labor permit is being issued by labour department for all working women who are on family (father/husband) sponsorship.
It is mandatory by Qatar Labour Law of 2005 to have such permit for working women or otherwise it may lead to DEPORTATION &/or paying Qrs. 45,000/- riyals fine as per the said law articles.


  1. NOC from your husband/father that they allow you to work (must be in arabic). State your and your father/husband QID No., company name and position.
  2. Police Clearance Certificate – Get an NBI Clearance, have it stamped in Philippine Embassy and attested by MOFA. (for more detailed procedure on NBI Clearance Application, please click here)
  3. Your passport copy with valid RP
  4. Copy of educational certificates, translated to arabic and officially stamped by the Philippine Embassy, translated copy must be stamped by Ministry of Trade, then all to be stamped by MOFA. A copy of the medical license for doctors and nurses.
  5. Copy of current sponsor’s ID card (your husband or father)
  6. Previous permit (if any)
  7. Copy of Resignation Letter from previous employer (if previously issued a labor permit)
  8. A copy of the attested employment contract (with English and Arabic translation)
  9. Copy of corporate identity card or CR (to be provided by your employer)
  10. Personal photograph (2 pcs passport size ID picture)
  11. Fee – QAR560

Normally, we just have to provide the above documents to the employer and they do the rest.

However, if you will do it by yourself, you have to get a letter from your employer addressed to Labor Department stating that you are employed by them. Then, you have to go first to the Labor Office near Andalus Petrol Station. They will give you a set of forms. Take the whole set and go to CEID and get yourself finger printed.

Once that is done and you collect your reports after a week from CEID, go back to Labor and submit the set. You will get your Labor card on payment of Qrs 560.

Labor Card / Permit is valid for 1 year only and can be renewed every year.