Application Procedure for Labor Card/Permit of Husband Sponsors

Labor card or labor permit is being issued by labour department for all working women who are on family (father/husband) sponsorship.
It is mandatory by Qatar Labour Law of 2005 to have such permit for working women or otherwise it may lead to DEPORTATION &/or paying Qrs. 45,000/- riyals fine as per the said law articles.


  1. NOC from your husband/father that they allow you to work (must be in arabic). State your and your father/husband QID No., company name and position.
  2. Police Clearance Certificate – Get an NBI Clearance, have it stamped in Philippine Embassy and attested by MOFA. (for more detailed procedure on NBI Clearance Application, please click here)
  3. Your passport copy with valid RP
  4. Copy of educational certificates, translated to arabic and officially stamped by the Philippine Embassy, translated copy must be stamped by Ministry of Trade, then all to be stamped by MOFA. A copy of the medical license for doctors and nurses.
  5. Copy of current sponsor’s ID card (your husband or father)
  6. Previous permit (if any)
  7. Copy of Resignation Letter from previous employer (if previously issued a labor permit)
  8. A copy of the attested employment contract (with English and Arabic translation)
  9. Copy of corporate identity card or CR (to be provided by your employer)
  10. Personal photograph (2 pcs passport size ID picture)
  11. Fee – QAR560

Normally, we just have to provide the above documents to the employer and they do the rest.

However, if you will do it by yourself, you have to get a letter from your employer addressed to Labor Department stating that you are employed by them. Then, you have to go first to the Labor Office near Andalus Petrol Station. They will give you a set of forms. Take the whole set and go to CEID and get yourself finger printed.

Once that is done and you collect your reports after a week from CEID, go back to Labor and submit the set. You will get your Labor card on payment of Qrs 560.

Labor Card / Permit is valid for 1 year only and can be renewed every year.


30 thoughts on “Application Procedure for Labor Card/Permit of Husband Sponsors

  1. good morning po Mam Azon, at what stage ko po malalaman na released na LC ko applied by the company na papasukan ko? more than a week ko na po na-submit requirements ko, then received an email from the company that my paperworks are ready for my signature, which is today. thanks a lot po in advance for your reply.

  2. Thank you po sa pag reply. Actually, running time in processing all the requirements for labour card & CID clearance is going to almost 2 months already. I have all the requirements except for #4 (hindi po nirequire ng company-ng papasukan ko ang arabic translation of my educ certificates, mine is only in English), items #6 & #7. I had all the requirements ready soon after Eid Al-Adha holidays, but they will just start processing my LC hopefully tomorrow. HR dept does not want me to start working unless I have the labour card. Simultaneously, required din po ba ang pagkakaroon ng CID clearance aside from labour card for employees under husband sponsor? Maraming salamat po ulit sa inyong pagtugon.

    • CID Clearance is the same as Police Clearance, which is one of the requirements in Labor Card Application. And ang requirement to get the Police Clearance is our NBI Clearance from the Philippines. Wow, ang bait ng Employer mo talagang nagko-comply sya sa law requirement dahil ayaw ka nya mag start sa work without the Labor Card. 🙂

      • Opo, sobra po silang masunurin sa law requirement. My previous employer was a Q-company, but on a tempo basis lang po. I went through CID clearance lang po that time, ako pa nga po ang nag-process sa CID Salwa Rd. Pero hindi po ako ni-require ng labor card. Husband sponsor po ako. The new company I will be joining ay medyo may pagkalito lang po kung anong mga documents ang hihingin nila sa akin. All along since I am under husband sponsorship at locally hired, I am expecting na mas madali pong mapa-process employment ko. Just wondering yung mga company sponsored applicants nila na visa lang ang meron sa ngayon at under process ang labour card ay nag-start nang mag-work.Pero ako na nandito lang ay lumalakad na ng almost 2 months ang processing…

  3. Mam Azon, good evening po. Puede po bang malaman reference for the above requirements? Kasi po ung papasukan kong company parang nalilito po sila kung ano ang hihingin nilang “company letter” daw from my previous employer. At first, they asked if I can get an “ESB” from my previous employer. Pagkaalam ko po ESB is end of service benefit…

    • Rea, alam ko wala naman silang need na letter from your previous employer. All you need to provide is a proof that you are no longer connected with your previous employer. You may give a copy of your resignation letter (not sure if need na may received stamp ng previous employer), termination letter, end of service benefits. However, if your previous employer had already cancelled your previous Labor Card, I don’t see any problem with your new application.

  4. Hi dear,

    I have a question:

    I’m under my husband’s sponsorship and is currently employed by a private firm in Qatar since last one year. My company is initiating the procedure for obtaining the Labor card for me. I’m planning to change my job since I’m not very happy here. So if my company takes the labor card for me now, will there be any complications when I join another company? Like for obtaining labor card for the new company, will I need NOC or something from my current employer?

    Please advise.


    • You won’t need NOC from the previous employer but you need to submit a proof of your separation or termination of service from them.

      May posibilidad na kung gusto ka pahirapan ay maaaring hindi nila pirmahan kahit na pag-received lang ng resignation letter.

  5. Good Afternoon!I have question regarding the renewal of Labor Card. What are the requirements if it is renewal only of labor card with the same company. This coming December 2, 2013 my labor card will expire so I gave to our mandoup to renew and he is asking again my original diploma, I am confuse because it is only renewal why I need the original copy of my certificated. Hoping for your kind reply. Thank you.

  6. mam,itanong ko po,ma expire na kasi ang visa at qid ko sa january 21,nag resign po kasi ako work ko at may NOC ako,may nbi na rin with red ribbon,ang problem lang is my academic certificate lang po ang process makuha po ng mrs ko sa dfa ng january dahilang holiday na sa atin..tapos plus dhl pa mga 11 or 12 ko pa makuha dito..aabot kaya ?wala ba extension kung sakali sa expired visa?thank you po

  7. ” go first to the Labor Office near Andalus Petrol Station. They will give you a set of forms. Take the whole set and go to CEID and get yourself finger printed.

    Once that is done and you collect your reports after a week from CEID, go back to Labor and submit the set. You will get your Labor card on payment of Qrs 560″

    Hi mam azon ask ko lang po kung ano po na set na manggagaling sa laboR at ibabalik din sknla pagkatpos marelease ang report ko from CID?

  8. Hello po Ms. Azon, thank you po sa very informative post ninyo. May question lang po ako.. Nagwwork po ako sa company for more than a year napo hanggang ngayon ay wala pa po akong Labor Contract, kung ngayon pa lang po ako kukuha at makita po sa CID na since last year pa po ako ngwwork without the LC may fine po ba?

    Thank you very much po.

  9. Good evening po! Ask ko lang if expired na yung husband sponsorship ko ng February 2014 at di rin ako binigyan ng NOC ng ex husband ko at di rin nacancel ang visa sa immigration. Pwede pa ba ako bumalik doon after 2 years ban kahit di nacancel pero expired na. At pwede ba ako magvisit para magexit sa Qatar habang ayos ko work visa ko dito sa UAE. Pakitulungan po sana ako na malinaw ang lahat. God Bless po.

  10. Hi Maam,

    I want to share my situation and ask for your advise. Im working here in doha and my contract will finish this dec. Uwi po ko sa pinas at magpapakasal. And plano ng fiance ko ay bumalik ako ng qatar under his sponsorship. If ever po icancel ng company ko ung visa ko, makakabalik po ba ko agad or hintay pa ng 6 months? And if im already under husband sponsorship, pede po b ko kumuha ng labor card for work ng walang NOC from previous company? Or apply pa din po sakin ng 2 year ban kahit bumalik ako under husband sponsorship? Thank you po in advance.


  11. Mam…ask klng po, i’ve been working in a company for more than a year under husband sponsor but didn’t process labor card. Hindi kc mganda ugali ng boss k so ngdalawang isip ako kung mgsstay or to find another job. Dhil nga s ndi mgandang ugali umabot po sa point n ndi nya binigay shod k for d reason which is not in my hands.he is blaming me for the delay of his filipina kadama that im coordinating with an agency in d phils. He doesn’t knw d processing of papers kpg kukuha k ng kdama in d phils. He is blaming me for d delay and he hold my salary for 1 and a half month including my vacation salary supposed to be a month ago p. He said to hold it for a certain date and when that date came i asked him for my money and he told me he will give my money until d kadama comes which is 2months already. Pano k nmn mbubuhay ng ndi k sshod khit 1 month lng. So i decided not to go to work kc tlgang zero balance n ako….he pushed me to go to work and if i did not ….not to go forever. I told him with all due respect that consider it as my resignation. Tnong klng po, does he have d right to withold my salary and vacation payment khit ngresign n ako? Do i have a chance to still get my money even wlng labour card? All i have is my offer letter. Please advise coz its not a small amount of money…..2months salary and vacation leave salary…….need ur advise. Thank u.

  12. Ms. Azon, inquire lang po if narereject ang labor card application dahil sa fingerprint problem? may QID na po ako at sabi ng HR namin nareject yung application dahil wala daw akong fingerprint. Kailangan ko daw po ulit magpa-finger print. possible po ba yun?

    • Sa akin hiningi ulit lahat ng requirements na tulad noong una kasama ang educational certificates at NOC ng husband except NBI/Police Clearance na di na kailangan.

  13. good day ma’am!
    magtanong lang po ako,since under po ako ng father’s sponsorship may LC ako, nag-reresign po ako pero ayaw i-approve ng management, pwede po bang ako mismo ang mag-cancel ng LC ko?
    thanks po!

  14. Ms Azon,

    Good day ! I wanted to ask if i want to leave my current job and look for another whilst changing jobs do I need an NOC from my current work ? I am on my husbands sponsor and have a labor card. Thanks.

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