St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral in Vigan, Ilocos Norte is also known as Metropolitan Cathedral or Vigan Cathedral.  The first Vigan Cathedral was ordered and built in 1574 by Juan de Salcedo.  The current church was constructed in 1790 and was finished in 1800.

It is located in front of Plaza Salcedo and  across the street on its right side is the Plaza Burgos and the famous Vigan Empanadahan.

It is surrounded with historical private and public buildings like Vigan Diocesan Seminary, Archbishop Palace where the Archbishop resides, Father Jose Burgos Residence, Vigan Municipal Hall and Provincial Capitol


Cathedral’s view from Plaza Salcedo


Facade View - "the facade features Chinese lion dog ornaments and above the main doorway is an alcove depicting the conversion of St. Paul"

Facade View – “the facade features Chinese lion dog ornaments and above the main doorway is an alcove depicting the conversion of St. Paul”


Cathedral's Bell Tower located across the street at Plaza Burgos

Cathedral’s Bell Tower located across the street at Plaza Burgos


Interior View - Baroque architectural design that has been modified by Ilocanos to strengthen the structure against earthquakes, now known as "Earthquake Baroque Design"

Interior View – Baroque architectural design that has been modified by Ilocanos to strengthen the structure against earthquakes, now known as “Earthquake Baroque Design”




Application Procedure for Labor Card/Permit of Husband Sponsors

Labor card or labor permit is being issued by labour department for all working women who are on family (father/husband) sponsorship.
It is mandatory by Qatar Labour Law of 2005 to have such permit for working women or otherwise it may lead to DEPORTATION &/or paying Qrs. 45,000/- riyals fine as per the said law articles.


  1. NOC from your husband/father that they allow you to work (must be in arabic). State your and your father/husband QID No., company name and position.
  2. Police Clearance Certificate – Get an NBI Clearance, have it stamped in Philippine Embassy and attested by MOFA. (for more detailed procedure on NBI Clearance Application, please click here)
  3. Your passport copy with valid RP
  4. Copy of educational certificates, translated to arabic and officially stamped by the Philippine Embassy, translated copy must be stamped by Ministry of Trade, then all to be stamped by MOFA. A copy of the medical license for doctors and nurses.
  5. Copy of current sponsor’s ID card (your husband or father)
  6. Previous permit (if any)
  7. Copy of Resignation Letter from previous employer (if previously issued a labor permit)
  8. A copy of the attested employment contract (with English and Arabic translation)
  9. Copy of corporate identity card or CR (to be provided by your employer)
  10. Personal photograph (2 pcs passport size ID picture)
  11. Fee – QAR560

Normally, we just have to provide the above documents to the employer and they do the rest.

However, if you will do it by yourself, you have to get a letter from your employer addressed to Labor Department stating that you are employed by them. Then, you have to go first to the Labor Office near Andalus Petrol Station. They will give you a set of forms. Take the whole set and go to CEID and get yourself finger printed.

Once that is done and you collect your reports after a week from CEID, go back to Labor and submit the set. You will get your Labor card on payment of Qrs 560.

Labor Card / Permit is valid for 1 year only and can be renewed every year.

Catholic Church of Our Lady of Rosary Doha Qatar




Our Lady of the Rosary is the first Christian church and the only Roman Catholic Church in Qatar. It was first opened to the public on Saturday, March 15, 2008.

The external of  the building differs from the common Catholic Church that we have as it bears no cross, steeple or church bell as it was not allowed by the government of Qatar (a Muslim country).

Catechism classes for the different Communities (Filipino, Spanish, Arabic, International Group, French, Italian)  is held at Bishop Gremoli Building. There are also Outstation Communities at Al Khor and Dukhan.

Mass schedules can be viewed here and you may also want to check the latest Church Announcements here.


The Address Downtown Dubai

The Adress Downtown Dubai

It was formerly known as The Address Downtown Burj Dubai.  It is a 63 storey supertall five star hotel and residential tower directly attached to the Dubai Mall and overlooking the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa.

It was constructed in year 2005 and was completed in 2008 with a cost of AED845M. Because of its outstanding and luxurious facilities, it became a premier lifestyle destination for international travellers.

I had taken this photo when we were leisurely walking around the Burj Dubai Development area during our first family tour in Dubai in October 2012.

Museum of Islamic Art

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The Museum of Islamic Art, an iconic building in the Doha waterfront, houses a very large collection of masterpieces of Islamic art, including ceramics, coins, jewelries, glass, manuscripts, metalwork, woodwork and textiles.  It was said to be the one of the world’s most

9495_10151290564872707_751428522_ncomplete collections of Islamic artifacts, with items originating from Spain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, India and Central Asia.

The Museum has a high-class restaurant on its Ground Floor, offering a dining experience of French Mediterranean cuisine with an Arabic twist.

Adjacent to the Museum is the MIA Park, where you can stroll or jog around, picnic with family and friends, or just relax with the spectacular beauty of Doha skyline especially during sunrise, sunset or at night.

The MIA Park also has a Park Café, bicycle for hire for adults and children, children’s playground and paddle boats.

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I always love to take a photograph of the the sun either during sunrise or sunset. But from all of my recent sun shots, this sunrise photograph taken at Doha, Corniche last Friday morning of September 21, 2012 is so far the best. I know that it is still not a perfect shot compared to the works of professional photographers, but it doesn’t look bad anymore.

On that Friday morning, we went to Corniche to have a walk with some friends and do fishing.  It was just a very good timing that when I get off the car, I already notice that the sun is just about to rise and so I grab my camera and took this shot. 🙂